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What Matthew Thurber has been reading

1-800 Mice creator Matthew Thurber dropped by Robot 6 today to share what he has been reading, which includes The Dum Dum Posse by Ron Rege Jr.

The story is loose and fragmented and follows The ‘Non-Posse Member’ who is friends with some gentlemen that “don’t have steady jobs, phone numbers, or the ability to stay in one place for too long. You know, the unpredictable ones….” The protagonist wants to lead a normal life but can’t resist the shenanigans of the Dum Dum Posse whenever they appear. At one point they show up throwing rocks at his apartment window. The Non-Posse-Member invites them in and they hang out and tell stories, and he begs them to stay, saying “WAIT! I never get to spend any TIME with you guys!” The Dum Dum Posse proceeds to stay but instantly set about making a musical ruckus, pissing off his roommate. He returns from work the next day to find them still there destroying the place, and kicks them out. But they return 24 hours later, climbing in through his bedroom window and waiting in the dark for him to get home. Finally they just vanish abruptly.

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